Pregnancy + Parenting / Care giving Information

Below are links with information and resources regarding pregnancy, parental leave, adoption, childcare + family planning.

If you have questions related to your contract for pregnancy accommodations (such as modifications for lifting/ exposure to chemicals, etc. they can ask for a medical note), notifying your department/ committee (including concerns regarding pregnancy discrimination/ contract violations), requesting parental leave with your hiring department, and/or child care reimbursement ($900 quarter/ year round)  — please contact us at: — all queries to UAW 2865 UCSB are confidential.

Asking for accomodations and taking leave are protected against relatiation.

Your department cannot refuse to hire you if you are pregnant, knows you will be taking leave for childbirth/ newborn care, FLMA, or are a parent etc.

If you have questions or are experiencing discrimination– get in touch with us immediately:

UAW 2865- Current Contract + Leaves related to childbirth/ parenting:

  • Employment leave related to childbirth, and/or parenting (this is for when you have an employment contract, ASE). Paid leaves cannot go beyond your ASE appointmentment.  You can have a maximum of 6 paid weeks of leave during an academic year if you combine leaves. The university/ your department can extend unpaid leaves at their descretion. These paid leaves also apply to adoption. The UC can ask for documentation for leaves. You can read more about this in our current contract – Article 17.
    • Birthing parent (Paid Leave for Pregnancy Disability, Childbirth and Related Medical Conditions -17,D 1): 6 weeks paid + can request 2 weeks unpaid for bonding (total 8 weeks of leave), protections against retaliation, can take some of this leave prior to birth/ 2 weeks prior to due date during ASE appointment. This leave cannot be combined with FMLA during the same academic year. Our Contract also requires lactation accommodations.
    • Non-birthing parent– 2 weeks unpaid leave, protections against retaliation with ASE contracts/ UAW 2865 for newborns and adoption: if you request under FMLA, non-birthing parents get 4 weeks paid plus 2 weeks unpaid (6 weeks total) during ASE appointment.
    • Parents/ Family Medical Leave Act: 4 weeks paid leave (under Family Medical Leave Act/ FMLA), including newborn care- within 12 months of birth plus 2 weeks unpaid for bonding, protections against retaliation with ASE Contracts. FMLA can be used for other responsibilities, in addition to newborn care during ASE appointment.
    • Pregnancy Disability Leave: “Under the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Laws, ASEs are entitled to unpaid leave for up to four months per pregnancy and/or reasonable accommodation for pregnancy disability, childbirth, and related medical conditions.” – University is required to maintain your health insurance for duration of leave, within the timeframe of your ASE appointment.
    • Short term/ family related: 2 paid days (if salary/ TA), unpaid if hourly, per quarter / when an ASE, you also have 2 sick days per quarter that can be used.
    • Supplemental Short-Term: at the university/ department’s discretion, can provide paid leave, but not longer than ASE appointment (short term leaves require 24 hour notice).
  • How to take leave per our contract: these need to be done in writing – send an email. Short term leaves require 24 hour notice. Longer leaves- such as for pregnancy/ child birth, parental leave, FMLA, should be done 30 days in advance when possible. The university is required to make the appropriate arrangements and asks that you work with your department.
  • When taking longer leaves- with pregnancy/ childbirth/ parenting/ FMLA for a newborn per our contract- You should notifiy your hiring department in writing (email) AFTER either 1) getting your offer letter in writing 2) signing your appointment letter if your department does yearly appointments, or 3) You have a multi-year funding package that specifies TAships. Do your best to follow the 30 day time frame. When sending notificaiton for leave, you can CC us or forward the email–
    • Below are email templates you can modify per your situation:
    • Birthing Parent: notify the hiring department/ whoever is appropriate for your situation
      • Dear ______, I am writing to let you know that I am planning on taking leave for pregnancy and childbirth during (Name of Quarter) per the current contract. My due date is ____. I plan on taking the 6 weeks paid at minimum. (If you know you are taking unpaid leave- let them know, if not: I am unsure at this point whether I will take the 2 weeks of unpaid, but will update you when I know.). Thank you.
      • Non-birthing Parent/ newborn. Dear ___, I’m emailing you to let you know that I will be taking the 4 paid weeks of leave for FMLA (if you are going to take the unpaid 2 weeks, add that you intent to take these. If unsure, I am unsure at this time if I will also take the two weeks of unpaid leave but will update you when I can. The due date is ____, and will take leave around the following dates (list).  Thank you.
      • FMLA (not related to newborn care): Dear ____, I’m writing to inform you that I will be taking FMLA leave under the current contract for (list dates, specify if you know whether you will also take unpaid leave or that you will notify them in advance). Thank you.

Additional Contract Provisions and Benefits:

UAW 2865 – Know Your Rights- Childcare Reimbursement & link to UCSB forms for TAs/ASEs & GSRs. Childcare reimbursement is YEAR Round – $900/ quarter. Childcare reimbursement is in our current contract. If you and your partner (or the child’s parent) are both ASEs/ GSRs, you are BOTH entitled to childcare reimbursement.

Lactation Access is in our countract (if you are not near an existing lactation room, your deparment must make a private room available for you to express and store milk, as well as reasonable time to do so). You can also read the UCSB Accommodation Information for the Lactation Accommodation Program which has information on registration, locations, and information on pumping equipment and getting a breastpump through your UC Health Insurance.

Health Insurance Coverage is also covered in our contract, as well as other benefits.

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