Current Campaigns

UAW 2865’s Response to the UCOP’s Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault Policy

On January 1, the University implemented a UC-wide policy on sexual harassment and assault. We want to reach out to all members to provide information about the new policy and express some of our concerns regarding the additional tasks it requires us to undertake.

Per the policy, all university employees—including all UAW 2865 members—are now considered “responsible persons.” This means that you must make a formal report to the Title IX officer about any instance (real or suspected) of sexualharassment and assault that a student or colleague discloses to you, without regard to the student’s desire to file such a report.

Many protested that this requirement violates survivors’ rights to bodily autonomy and self-determination in ways similar to sexually-motivated and gendered violence by taking away survivors’ ability to choose whether and when to report.

It is the Union’s position that this new policy constitutes a change to our duties and conditions of employment. It is also the Union’s position that this new policy was unlawfully implemented, unilaterally and without providing the Union adequate notice and an opportunity to bargain as required by law. We have filed a grievance with the University over this and are committed to defending our members if they refuse to violate the trust and consent of students or colleagues.

For more information, please visit our website.


Research Assistant Organizing Campaign

Currently, Research Assistants (GSR’s) at the University of California are considered to be in a mentor-mentee rather than an employer-employee  relationship despite the fact that GSR’s work for a check and can be hired/fired. As such,  GSR’s cannot form a union of their choosing, let alone benefit from collective bargaining, contract protections, and a grievance process. UAW 2865 is currently working  to organize GSR’s and push legislation at the state level in early 2017 which would allow GSR’s to unionize. If you’re a GSR and are interested in becoming more involved, please contact us  at

If you’re an RA, or have worked as an RA in the past, we need your feedback! Please contribute the our survey so we can better address RA concerns.

Fight the Fees!

The UCSB Family Student Housing Tenants’ Association strives to ensure that our housing and living environments are safe, affordable, and conducive to resident wellness and productivity. Our communities are diverse and represent many areas of need within the University including non-traditional student families, international/graduate student families, veterans, and many more.
At present we are working on our Fight TheFees campaign to address the impactful rent increases that leave so many families with tighter and tighter budgets each year. Considering the system-wide focus on Housing and Development, we demand that our communities receive the investment and care that has been historically denied to us, that the University and the UC system make efforts to redefine “affordability”, and implement much needed services to support student families.


Departmental Steward Network

UAW 2865 – Santa Barbara is currently working to build our Departmental Steward Network. Departmental Stewards serve as a critical two-way channel of information between members of your department and the union. Serving as a Departmental Steward is an important service to your fellow graduate students and helps make our union more effective and responsive to graduate student needs. Departmental Stewards should plan to attend our monthly membership meetings (1st Tuesday of the month at 4pm, GSA Lounge).

All-Gender Bathrooms

As of the conclusion of our most recent contract campaign last June, graduate student workers are entitled to a gender-neutral, single-stall, ADA compliant bathroom within a reasonable distance of their workplace. If you are in need of this facility and there is not one already near you, please fill out this form. An updated map of current bathrooms is posted here!

Ferguson & Racialized Police Brutality Response

SB union members are actively participating in events related to Ferguson and racialized police brutality in Santa Barbara. We will continue to facilitate and support future actions and join broader campus and community discussions around these issues.

Graduate students in the sociology department are in the process of organizing a symposium around Ferguson. Please visit the UCSB Grads Mobilize Facebook or send them an email at


Isla Vista Outreach

SB UAW members have been involved in numerous discussions around Isla Vista community building and improvement ranging from creative culture-changing efforts to self-governance to university committees. Please email us if you would like to get involved or want more information. Also, please check out the above event.

We strive to support the Isla Vista community in representing itself and will work to help impliment the solutions the community has asked for.




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