Summer Updates — copy of email sent 8/7/17

See below for a copy of an email sent to members on 8/7/17 with updates

Dear Members,

We hope you all are having productive and some fun this summer.

Here are some updates from your union – UAW 2865 UCSB- UC Student Workers Union for this summer- with details below.

1)   Parking Updates: more good news!

2)   Family Student Housing- Parking, Health and Safety Concerns

3)   2018 Contract Campaign + Bargaining Survey

4)   RA Campaign with SB 201

5)   Orientation Reminders- Tuesday, September 26th

6)   Resource and Information with Queer + Trans Health at UCSB

As always, we are a confidential resource to learn about your rights, information on childcare reimbursement, get information and assistance using either information or formal resolution (grievance) options per our contract: or you can reach out to any elected leader individually.


1)   Parking Updates: GS Pass

UAW 2865 had a meeting with Labor Relations and TPS: it has been confirmed that there are NO plans to change the GS pass in the future- including being able to park in lot 10, and our continued access to B/ Staff lots has been promised.

Information on the GS Pass, and reserving parking for guest speakers is on their website.

Again, thank you to all of the members who signed the petition, came to our town hall, and emailed us information!

2)   Family Student Housing Concerns

UAW 2865 met with Labor Relations last week and is working with the UCSB Family and Student Tenants Union to meet with FSH leadership and Labor Relations to discuss the punitive parking changes with the 2nd car fee and reduction in visitor passes, as well as the health and safety concerns that have been shared with us.

There is a petition for those living in FSH to share feedback and concerns

Thank you to those who have gotten in touch with as, attended the town hall, and emailed us information- we are continuing to push for a resolution.


3) 2018 Contract Campaign

We have copies of our bargaining survey and organizers will be around this summer and fall to get input about member priorities, feedback, and input. An online version will be available soon.

Our contract bargaining starts January 15, 2018 before our current contract expires June 30, 2018.

We will hold town halls to share information and get feedback during the Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters: dates and locations TBA

Our campus will be represented in the formal contract negotiations by Hannah Kagan-Moore (Recording Secretary, Art History + Architecture) + Meg Unden (Unit Chair, Sociology).

Each campus has 2 elected representatives (recording secretary and unit chair) to work together to get an improved contract with membership feedback from the surveys and town halls. This team negotiates the new contract with UCOP/ Labor Relations, and must ratified and voted on by all members before being official.

** Please note: to vote on our contract, strikes, elections, run for office, or hold a union job- you must sign a membership card: we can get you one if you email us and bring it to you on campus **


4)RA / GSR Campaign

SB 201- the legislative bill to allow GSRs unionize is continuing to make good progress, and our campus participated in Lobby Day on July 17th.

We are continuing to ask everyone who is, has, or will work as a GSR to take the pledge and survey.

We will hold town halls to share updates and get feedback/ input, especially on STEM needs, during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. Dates and locations TBA


5)   Orientation Reminders

Fall Orientation will be Tuesday, September 25th- UAW 2865 UCSB will host a break out session to share information on our rights and benefits, as well as a 30 minute meeting from 12:30 – 1:00 PM in Campbell Hall.

We are also able to send elected leadership or an organizer to your department orientation or Department Grad Student Association meeting to share information, get feedback, and assist with any questions and concerns. All you need to do is email us a date, time, and location for your request:


6)   Queer and Trans Health at UCSB

This is a new office/ resource to support Queer and Trans Health at UCSB.

Han Koehle (they/them) is the new staff member to contact:

In Spring 2017, students came together to ask the UCSB administration to provide quality healthcare for all students regardless of gender identity, expression, or sexuality. The office of the Queer & Trans Health Advisor was launched as part of that initiative. This student-focused resource exists to foster an affirming environment and promote total health for LGBTQIA students at UCSB. The Queer & Trans Health advisor develops patient-centered policy regarding sexuality and gender diversity, acts as a liaison between LGBTQIA students and Student Health, and provides individual patient advocacy, including:

• Connecting students with affirming and informed clinicians
• Accompanying patients to appointments
• Providing general information on queer & trans health
• Acting as a point of contact for student complaints regarding LGBTQIA care problems and helping to facilitate appropriate solutions
• Increasing transparency for students

Visit us at Student Health (blue hallway, 1714), call at 893-2535, or email–or send a message through Facebook!

NEW: Change your preferred name, pronouns and gender identity in the confidential Student Health records! Log in to our Gateway portal and choose “Profile” from the left menu list. Once on this page you can edit any of the above information

As a reminder: our contract gives us the right to access gender-neutral/ ADA compliant restrooms: if you do not currently have access you can fill out the following form or email us for assistance.

Thank you!

In Solidarity,

UAW 2865 UCSB- UC Student Workers Union

Meg Undén (Sociology/ Campus Chair)

Hannah Kagan-Moore (History of Art & Architecture/ Recording Secretary)

Emily Ellis (Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology/ Head Steward)

Dell Rose (Religious Studies/ Head Steward)

Avi McClelland-Cohen (Communication / Head Steward)

Andrew Elrod (History/ Head Steward)

Sarp Kurgan (Global Studies/ Head Steward)




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