Updates on parking – no pass b (yet) and town hall on 7/6/17 at 3 PM, GSA Lounge

Dear All- Please see below for an email sent on June 29th with updates on parking: no restoration of pass B. We are doing our best to represent the range of concerns and needs for TAs and will continue to explore options to restore pass B with member input. Thank you to all who came to the town hall, sent/ forwarded emails, taken the survey and/or petition. All of this has helped!!

Dear Members,

Today UAW 2865 UCSB had a meeting with Nestor (TPS) and Jennifer Smith (Labor Relations/ HR) to discuss the changes to parking with the Graduate Student Pass.

Here are the updates:

1)   No Pass B: what lots the GS pass can be used for

2)   Next steps- Town Hall on Thursday July 6, 2017 from 3-4 PM, GSA lounge

3)   Information Requests from UAW 2865 UCSB

4)   Continuing to get feedback and comments via the survey and petition


1) No Pass B: ASEs can get the GS/ Graduate Student Parking Pass

As of today, UCSB is not going to re-instate Parking Pass B for ASEs, but listened to our position for doing so under Article 21.

We attempted to strategically present the range of concerns from equity, distance from parking to work locations- and for some TAs up to 5 buildings a quarter, and/or driving to field sites, safety concerns, animal safety protocol, ADA accommodations, gender neutral bathrooms, lactation rooms, transporting expensive/ dangerous/ heavy lab equipment, and increased time walking across campus for ASEs without the pass to name some.

Here are some answers to questions about the GS pass that starts tomorrow on June 30, and these updates will be posted when available on the TPS website:

-The GS pass can be used in Lot B passes until August 1, 2017

– The GS pass after August 1 can be used in the following lots, and TPS will update their website

-ALL Yellow Lots

– Green Lots for Nights + weekends

-Lots 1+ 11 (these are violet on maps) for nights and weekends


Disabled Parking: ADA/ Handicap placards can be used in any lot so long as it is displayed with a campus parking pass (B, GS, C, or paying at the meter; the H pass along with a handicap can be used on campus for nights and weekends)

-If you need a temporary disability/ Handicap pass due to the changes, or for pregnancy accommodations, there is a form at the DMV that you would need to fill out and get a medical note, student health should be able to provide these: if you need assistant with this due to the loss of Pass B, please let us know and we can assist you and work the TPS (santabarbara@uaw2865.org)

-All campus passes can be used in the loading/ unloading zone- including GS and C


2) Next Steps:

We will be hosting another Town Hall on parking next Thursday, July 6 from 3-4 PM in the GSA Lounge to discuss next steps and options.

We are incredibly appreciative of those who came to our last town hall meetings given some of the topics raised at today’s meeting. TSP and LR were unaware of how parking impacted some TA duties with Animal Protocols, expensive equipment being transported, lactation rooms, gender neutral bathrooms, and that some folks cannot leave a lab or office to move their car and required to stay late and this was helpful information for us to learn and ask questions to those of you who are experts and have experience with these topics.

3) Information Request with Management

We will continue to work with TPS and Labor Relations, including sending an information request, so that we can provide more information on the changes and review options in our contract for a remedy.

This is part of our contract and collective bargaining rights.

4) Continuing to collect information

We are still seeking feedback via our surveyand this petition, and forwarding emails sent to TPS.

We are asking for TAs that work with animals, heavy/ dangerous/ expensive equipment, stem cells, or work in multiple buildings to contact us so we can take pictures of the equipment and talk about your TA duties specifically to ensure we are documenting all concerns with this, and access to parking.

We are asking folks that park in Lot 10 to document how full this lot is since this lot seems to be the point of contention, but are waiting on our information request to explain this.

UAW 2865 UCSB has started this process by going to Lot 10 today to document empty spaces while the “Lot Full” sign was lit.

Thank you again to everyone who has provided feedback, sent emails, and helped us with this parking issue!

In Solidarity,

Meg Undén (Sociology/ Campus Chair)

Hannah Kagan-Moore (History of Art & Architecture/ Recording Secretary)

Emily Ellis (Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology/ Head Steward)

Dell Rose (Religious Studies/ Head Steward)

Avi McClelland-Cohen (Communication / Head Steward)

Andrew Elrod (History/ Head Steward)

Sarp Kurgan (Global Studies/ Head Steward)
Email: santabarbara@uaw2865.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sbuaw2865
Website: https://ucsbuaw.wordpress.com/



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