Town Hall- June 27 on Parking

Hey all- here is an email sent on June 26 with updates regarding concerns over the parking changes. Please join us for our town hall- June 27 from 3-4 PM, GSA lounge

Dear Members,

This email is to update everyone regarding the concerns with the parking pass changes per our prior email.

Reminder- our Town Hall on Parking is Tomorrow- Tuesday, June 27th from 3-4 PM in the GSA Lounge. Donuts will be provided!

We are hoping to get additional feedback about the parking changes, share information on our options using collective bargaining and contract, and the role of our graduate union to protecting and securing our rights and benefits such as parking and transit options– and hopefully restoring/ continued access to Parking Pass B (Staff) and Lots 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 45.

UAW 2865 UCSB is also in the process of doing the following to respond to the changes with parking passes:

·     Meeting with Nestor Covarrubias of Parking and Transit Services (PTS) and Labor Relations about the changes per our current contract, per Article 21 this week and after our town hall.

·     Utilizing a survey for feedback (identifying information will be redacted). This survey will remain open through Tuesday, June 27 at 10 PM to continue to get feedback and comments.

·     Utilizing UAW 2865 Resources to explore our options: including filing a formal grievance (Step 2) for contract violations

·     Contacting those who have expressed interest on working on parking/ transit with us to continue to get member led feedback and input

·     Collaborating with the incoming 2017- 2018 GSA Executive Board to support grads as workers (who will be present at the meeting on Tuesday)

Additional ways to take action on parking include:

-Taking our survey and encouraging grad workers to also complete this

– Forwarding any emails you have sent about this issue- such as emails to GSA, departments, TSP, etc. to to help us document complaints about the changes and possible violations

-Attend our town hall on 6/27 at the GSA Lounge from 3-4 PM

-Joining UAW 2865 as a member (all grads can join as members!)The higher our membership, the stronger our union is making us more effective when making demands and asking for remedies- such as hopefully getting parking pass B back!

-Taking our GSR Survey + Pledge to support SB 201 to recognize Research Assistants’ as workers to collectively bargain and unions to better connect grad workers regardless of their employment as a TA or RA.

– Sign this petition

We want to thank everyone who has taken our survey or emailed us to share feedback, comments, and concerns.

In Solidarity – UAW 2865 UCSB,

Meg Undén (Sociology/ Campus Chair)

Hannah Kagan-Moore (History of Art & Architecture/ Recording Secretary)

Emily Ellis (Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology/ Head Steward)

Dell Rose (Religious Studies/ Head Steward)

Avi McClelland-Cohen (Communication / Head Steward)

Andrew Elrod (History/ Head Steward)

Sarp Kurgan (Global Studies/ Head Steward)



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