Welcome to our PT Summer Organizers!

Dear Members,

We are excited to share that we have a new team for our summer membership recruitment + RA campaign with SB 201 to empower workers!

Please welcome our new PT Summer Organizers with UAW 2865 UCSB. Our team includes:

Our team includes:

  • Jesilyn Faust (Global Studies)
  • Idalia P. Robles De León (Sociology)
  • Dallas Bennett (Global Studies)
  • Carlos Baéz (Geography)
  • Avi McClelland-Cohen (Communications)
  • Gary Lytle (Global Studies)

You will be seeing these wonderful folks around campus to share information about our union, rights/ benefits, empowering workers, and updates with our campaign to allow Grad Research Assistants/ Research assistants the right to unionize and collectively bargain.

As always, you can contact us with questions or concerns!

Website: https://ucsbuaw.wordpress.com/


— The UAW 2865 UCSB Hiring Committee

Meg Undén, Hannah Kagan-Moore, Emily Ellis, Dell Rose, Andrew Elrod, & Sarp Kurgan





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