UAW now hiring: RA Campaign Legislative Transition Coordinator, Apply by June 1

Here is a copy of the email sent on May 23rd for the UAW 2865 RA Campaign Legislative Transition Coordinator. Apply by June 1.

Dear UAW 2865 Members,

The Research Assistant (RA) Campaign of UAW 2865, the union for Teaching Assistants, Readers, and Tutors at the University of California, is looking to hire a Legislative Transition Coordinator at 15 hours a week, for the period of July 30 – September 30, 2017. Those interested should apply by 5pm, June 1 (details below).

Position Details

37.5% position at TA/GSI hourly pay rate, approximately $4200 for the duration of the appointment.

Purpose of the RA Campaign and Campaign Timeline

Research Assistants (RAs, often called GSRs) carry out a significant portion of the cutting-edge work propelling our University’s research mission. This work helps attract roughly $5 billion per year to California in research grants, and makes UC a world- renowned public university. Yet these RAs currently lack a voice through collective bargaining, even though virtually all other academic employees at UC, CSU and private institutions have this basic and critical workplace right. In fact, many RAs are in the absurd position of rotating between working as an RA and a TA and thus have unequal rights from one academic term (or appointment) to the next.

California Senator Nancy Skinner has introduced SB 201. This bill includes the ability for those who work as Research Assistants (RAs; often graduate student researchers but also including paid undergraduate Research Assistants) at public institutions, including at the University of California and California State Universities, to be recognized as employees and therefore to be allowed to choose to collectively bargain under the Higher Education Employee-Employer Relations Act (HEERA). It also maintains collective bargaining rights for those student employees who currently have them.

SB201 is currently on the Senate side of the CA legislature in the Appropriations committee, and if all goes well, it will be on the Senate floor in June, to the Assembly in July, and to Governor Jerry Brown by September. Once the bill is signed, our Local will engage in a membership drive of RAs and GSRs, also known as a “card campaign”, to unionize these currently unrepresented workers.

Job description

The RA Campaign Legislative Transition Coordinator’s (LTC) primary responsibility will be to see the legislative process through the end, when the bill makes it to Governor Brown’s desk (and optimistically, through its signing). This includes liaising with membership/potential members (i.e., RAs/GSRs) on the campuses and legislative offices for lobbying efforts. This position will also include communication with our sister Locals, UAW 5810 (the union the represents UC Post Docs) and UAW 4123 (the union that represents academic workers in the CSU system). The LTC will coordinate with new leadership and organizing staff regarding next steps. If the bill is successful, the LTC will coordinate the transition from a legislative campaign to a “card campaign.”

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

Skills required:

·       UAW Local 2865 member in good standing for at least 90 days

·       Experience with lobbying in the California legislature, communicating with legislative offices, lobbyists and student lobby corps

·       Excellent agenda-planning and facilitation skills for both in person and conference call meetings

·       Commitment to the labor movement and to racial, social, and economic justice

·       Ability to work unsupervised with honesty, and complete projects in a timely manner

·       Clear, fast, and effective communication skills, especially via email

·       Strong and affable in-person communication skills

·       A willingness to engage in on-the-ground organizing with members and non-members, including phone calls and in-person work

·       Knowledge of the structure of Local 2865 and our Contract

Skills desired:

·       Experience managing a team of workers and volunteers

·       Strong connections with student-workers in STEM fields

·       Prior experience with on-the-ground, grassroots organizing, especially in difficult to reach or unfriendly social environments

·       Experience lobbying for SB 201 is highly desirable

Application process

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to no later than 5pm, June 1.



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