UAW 2865 Now Hiring: Coordinator, Anti-Oppression Committee (50% TAship equivalent)

See below for an email sent on May 17th via UAW 2865 for a Coordinator for the UC wide UAW 2865 Anti-Oppression Committee + details.

Applications due June 1, 2017 at 5 PM to

Information on the Anti-Oppression Committee is on the UAW 2865 website.

Dear UAW 2865 Members,

The Anti-Oppression Committee (AOC) of UAW 2865, the union for Teaching Assistants, Readers, and Tutors at the University of California, is looking to hire a statewide Coordinator at 20 hours a week, for a year-long position with a start date of August 28, 2017. Those interested should apply by 5pm, June 1 (details below).

Position Details:

50% position (20 hours/week) at TA/GSI hourly pay rate, with student health insurance coverage and fee remission (if needed).

Purpose of the Anti-Oppression Committee:

The Anti-Oppression Committee is a union committee across all nine UC teaching campuses. The purpose of this committee is wide-ranging. Since its formation, the AOC has organized with the approach that UAW members’ economic well-being, civil rights, and freedom from discrimination and exploitation are issues which must be tackled holistically and in tandem. We hope to work together with members from across the UC to challenge various forms of oppression, including: racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, trans- and homophobia, classism, ableism, and ageism. Some of the goals and strategies of this committee include: identifying and challenging discrimination in our workplaces; organizing in solidarity with students, community groups, and other unions against various forms of oppression; building consciousness around anti-oppression issues within the union and helping develop a process for conflict resolution; developing greater knowledge and skills about how to address power dynamics in the union and classroom for use among the committee and membership at large; and providing resources to members to help organize against various forms of oppression across the UC campuses.

Past and ongoing campaigns we have worked on include the union’s previous contract campaign for a living wage, greater childcare benefits for student parents, all-gender restrooms for trans students and student parents, and funded teaching opportunities for undocumented immigrant students. We have also helped facilitate member campaigns such as UC accountability for sexual harassment and sanctuary campus calls in support of members affected by the Muslim ban and other immigration policies.

Job Description:

The AOC Coordinator will act as a lead facilitator for two ongoing projects of the Committee: 1) Contract Bargaining which will begin in Spring 2018, and; 2) Broad-based union participation for free public education as part of planned celebrations in 2018 for the 50th anniversary of the 1968 global student and labor strikes.

1) Bargaining the next employment contract for Academic Student Employees

Starting next year, UAW 2865 plans to bargain the best contract to date for UC Academic Student Employees, including the best wages and strongest anti-oppression protections our membership has ever seen. The coordinator will work closely with the 18 member bargaining team across the UC and other elected union leaders to prepare for bargaining which is set to begin in 2018 (current contract expires June 30, 2018).

  • Survey: The coordinator will help devise an outreach plan to circulate a bargaining survey among the entire membership starting in Fall 2017
  • Communication: Help create open, accessible communication channels for early statewide member input about campaign ideas and priorities, bargaining strategies, and guiding principles; the Coordinator will pursue this goal with the bargaining team
  • Collaboration: Coordinate statewide organizing committee(s) to connect with members on each campus and any/all other groups on whose behalf the union will negotiate with the Bargaining Team, BICC (Black Interests Coordinating Committee), and AOC to weigh in on bargaining demands

2) Planned 2018 Mobilizations to Refund and Transform Public Education

In addition to being the year our contract bargaining begins, 2018 is also the 50th anniversary of the historic 1968 global student and labor strikes, including the San Francisco State University student strike led by the Third World Liberation Front. The AOC has allied with student and worker activists from groups like Anak Bayan, Palestinian Youth Movement, and the Youth Justice Coalition to plan mobilizations in 2018 that would build public pressure to win free tuition across higher education, divestment of university funds from prisons and mass incarceration, fossil fuels, and military occupation, and the repeal of policies that have enshrined racial disparities across the education system. The timing of this mobilization in 2018 will allow us to build community support for our contract campaign among workers and educators, especially in K-12 and community and state colleges. The Coordinator shall facilitate the following tasks of the Committee:

  • building robust direct action committees on each campus tasked with publicizing the campaign
  • creating a galvanizing social media presence for the Campaign
  • designing a massive outreach plan over the course of the next academic year to turn thousands of members out across the state for planned rallies and other actions in order to build public pressure for demands
  • participating in monthly calls with the core planning collective of the project which will include various organizations across the country

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

~UAW 2865 member in good standing for 90 days

~Commitment to the labor movement and to racial, social, and economic justice

~Experience organizing against various forms of discrimination and oppression

~Experience (formal or informal) in grassroots organizing, including campaign development and networking with local activist groups on key issues

~Excellent oral and written communication skills, including the ability to write politically focused and engaging statewide and campus-specific communications, literature and resources for committee projects, as well as occasional publications for popular media

~Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to stimulate member participation and communication follow-up through the following communication channels:

  • Phonebanking
  • Office door knocking (“block walking”)
  • Email
  • Social Media

~Excellent agenda-planning and facilitation skills for both in person and conference call meetings

~Ability to facilitate the delegation of tasks to various members of the Anti-Oppression Committee (most of the labor done by the committee and the union as a whole is unpaid volunteer labor). It will be key for the Coordinator to assess their own work capacity as well as the capacity of volunteer members so as to prevent burnout and to provide gentle encouragement to volunteers.

~Independent but interested in building processes for inter-organizational accountability

~Experience in multiracial, bottom-up organizing strongly preferred

~Graphic design skills a plus


To Apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to by 5pm, June 1, 2017. Women, low-income students, people of color, immigrants, and queer and trans students are strongly encouraged to apply.



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