Lunch on your union this week!

Hello all!

Please join us for lunch this week! If you are currently TAing, you should have received an email inviting you to a union lunch this week. Below are the times per academic cluster:

  • Tuesday, January 19th – GSA Lounge, 12-1pm. Hosted by Cody Stephens (History; Head Steward) and Jesse Halvorsen (History; Unit Chair). 
    • Humanities West: History, Classics, Rel Studies, Theater, Anth, East Asian Studies, History of Art & Arch.
  • Wednesday, January 20th – South Hall 2623, 12-1pmHosted by Leah Fry (English; Head Steward) and Jesse Halvorsen (History; Unit Chair).  
    • Humanities East: English, Fem Studies, Chican@ Studies, Linguistics, Comp Lit, Music
  • Wednesday, January 20th – SSMS 3122, 12-1pm. Hosted by Dave Feldman (Sociology; Head Steward) and Aviva Milner-Brage (UAW 5810 & 2865 Organizer).
    • Social Sciences: Economics, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Comm, Psych, Film & Media Studies, Global Studies, Education
  • Thursday, January 21st – GSA Lounge, 12-1pm. Hosted by Rosalie Carlson (Math; Recording Secretary), Aviva Milner-Brage (UAW 5810 & 2865 Organizer), and Jesse Halvorsen (History; Unit Chair). 
    • STEM & Professional Schools: Sciences, Math, Engineering, Bren School, Media Arts & Technology
What are these meetings about?
We are a member run, member led union committed to improving the workplace for academic workers and to social justice activism. We rely on good communication with graduate students to help us serve you better!
These quarterly meetings will allow us to give you some updates on what’s happening in the union in terms of both statewide and local campaigns and get your feedback! We will also have some basic information on how to deal with issues that come up in your TAship, protections you have under the contract, as well as how to access guaranteed services such as childcare reimbursement!
Mostly, we want to meet YOU and get your feedback on how our union can serve you better!! Hope to see you this week!

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