Spring Quarter Class Size & Tuition Hikes Actions!

Hello Santa Barbara UAW2865 Members!

We are planning a number of actions and events leading up to and through week 1 and 2 of spring quarter to draw attention to issues of class size and quality of education at the UC. These actions are also intended to educate about the impact of the UC Regents’ decision to raise tuition for students and to protest their decision.

Here are some ways to get involved:

– Are you tired of dealing with crashers as a TA? Do you TA for a class where this is a consistent problem? Email us at classsizeucsb@gmail.com!

– Take photographs of overfull classrooms to document threats to student safety and encourage your undergrads to take photos as well! Post photos to Twitter and Facebook under the hashtag ‪#‎ClassSizeUCSB‬

– Let us know what your experience has been with crashers and encourage your students to share their experiences! Spring quarter crashing is especially tough on seniors hoping to graduate!
Please email us your testimonials at classsizeucsb@gmail.com.

– Attend our Event: Crisis at the UC – A Day of Education & Action
Thursday, April 9th, 5-6:30pm, GSA Lounge – Dinner provided!
Addressing concerns about:
– increasing class size
– decreasing quality of education
– undergraduate crashing and waitlists
– the role of the public university in the 21st century

As always, please email us any questions or concerns at our santabarbara@uaw2865.org address.


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