What we’re working on

Capitalizing on Election Successes

This election saw the largest get out the vote mobilizations UCSB has ever seen.  After first registering over 11,00 students, volunteers worked from early morning until polls closed knocking on doors, tabling, and phonebanking.  On election day, the Campus Democrats and other student organizations turned out dozens of volunteers who worked into the evening to get out the vote.  This translated into over 12,000 votes cast in Isla Vista, a new record for UCSB and possibly in the US.

The 2/3rds majority of the state legislature won by Democrats along with the passage of prop 30 potentially opens the doors for reforming how the UC operates, what kind of tuition it charges, and how well its funded. The prospects for the Middle Class Scholarship Act (which came within a hairsbreadth of passing last legislative section), the HOPE Trust Act, better oversight on UC spending, and regental reform are all much improved. However, we’ll need to work hard to turn any of these good ideas into reality. UAW 2865 SB plans to work with other organizations to see what improvements to Higher Ed. can be achieved through the legislature.

Contract Campaign

We are at the very beginning of the campaign for our next contract.  Bargaining begins during the Spring of this year, but there is a lot to do between now and then.  Right now, UAW activists are walking through departments and asking members to fill out bargaining surveys.  Collecting this data is important so that we know what to build campaigns around and learn what the most pressing issues are on our campus.  If you would like to fill out a survey but haven’t had the opportunity, or would like to help us hand out surveys in your department, e-mail santabarbara@uaw2865.org.

Grad Student Researcher Collective Bargaining Rights

SB 259, the bill giving Grad Student Researchers collective bargaining rights was vetoed by Jerry Brown earlier this year.  While we are very disappointed at Jerry Brown’s political calculations, we believe that we have a chance at getting the bill signed if we re-introduce it this year.

Get Involved!

Come to our next membership meeting on Thursday the 15th to get involved and get informed.  Or e-mail santabarbara@uaw2865.org


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