A Progressive Tax Initiative for November

While the June 5th Primary Election is only weeks away, it’s important for UAW 2865 members to keep in mind what’s coming down the pike in the November election. In addition to the Presidential, Congressional, statewide, and state legislative races, there will be a number of critically important ballot propositions that we need to pass in order to turn the state around.

One of the most important of these propositions is the The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act, the result of merging The Millionaire’s Tax and Governor Brown’s tax initiative.  This proposition would raise up to $9 billion a year in new revenues, 85% of which would come from raising income taxes on the top 1.5%, and 15% of which would come from a quarter cent increase in sales tax.  These desperately needed revenues would plug a gap in the state’s budget and 40% is guaranteed to go directly to K-12 education and community colleges.  The rest will go into the general fund to  help restore social services and fund higher education.

This is the first time that the progressive movement in California (including the Courage Campaign, ACCE, virtually the entirety of the California labor movement, as well as Governor Brown and the state legislative leadership) has united behind a revenue-raising ballot initiative that stands a chance at winning. If this proposition passes in November, it will mark a sea change in California politics away from anti-government extremism towards investment in our public services and institutions.

But it’s not going to pass without our help. We need your votes, but even more we need your activism. To get involved, come to a monthly membership meeting or e-mail santabarbara@uaw2865.org.

Authored by Steven Attewell