June 5th Election Endorsements

Over the course of several monthly membership meetings we’ve completed our endorsement process for the June 5th election.  Many of these races are primaries, but because of the new “top-2” primary system in some cases the primary is as important as the “real” election in November.

I would also personally like to highlight a couple of endorsements we’ve made.  Hannah-Beth Jackson came in person to a membership meeting to seek our endorsement, where she showed a deep understanding of the issues facing public education in California.

Daraka Larimore-Hall is a graduate student at UCSB and has been deeply involved with our union for years.  As Chair of the local Democratic Central Committee he’s worked to transform the local democratic party into an organization that supports grassroots organizing and progressive public policy.

Doreen Farr spent over half a million dollars in court defending the voting rights of students when Steve Pappas challenged the entire Isla Vista vote in the 2008-9 election.  She is running against him again this year.  You can read more here.


  • State Senate – Hannah-Beth Jackson
  • State Assembly – Das Williams
  • District supervisor – Doreen Farr (3rd district), Salud Carbajal (1st district), Joyce Howerton (4th district)
  • Democratic Central Committee – Daraka Larimore-Hall (1st. district)
  • Representative – Lois Capps
  • Senate – Diane Feinstein
  • US President – Barack Obama

Ballot Initiatives:

  • Yes on 28 (term limits)
  • Yes on 29 (cigarette tax)
  • Yes on W / X (taxes for schools)
  • No on Y (land development)